Sunday, July 24, 2005

In The Absense of Light - O America, Your Brightness is Fading

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of light.
It takes only a small flicker of candle light to illuminate an entire room...however dimly.

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of joy.
A small amount of happiness goes a long way to lift a matter how heavy.

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of the healing balm of tenderness.
A small amount of kindness carries away much suffering of matter how deep the hurt.

There is no such thing as is only the absense of courage.
An ounce of courage brings about the noblest of matter how frightened.

There is no such thing as is merely the lack of belief.
A mustard seed of faith goes a long way towards matter how much is missing.

There is no such thing as is merly the absense of good.
A small amount of righteousness exposes a mountain of matter how wicked.

There in no such thing as a is merely the absense of truth.
A small amount of openness reveals a multitude of matter how deeply hidden.

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of love.
Sweet affection goes a long way towards those who matter how far from the heart it is.

There is no such thing as can only exist in the absense of peace.
Tactful diplomacy and compromise yeilds much more than angry words and matter.

Now that we know what is absent in our is up to all of us to seek it and receive it in our heart in order to send back to the pit that which should not exist in the first place. Evil can only produce evil...violence can only produce violence...corruption can only produce corruption. They are the creators of themselves...and seek only for their gain. They cannot exist without the absense of the things we too often turn away from...light, joy, tenderness, kindness, courage, goodness, righteousness, truth, openness, love, affection, peace, tactful diplomacy, yeilding compromise, and faith.

Darkness, sorrow, suffering, fear deciet, wickedness, unrighteousness, hypocracy, lies, hate and war can only exist when we fail to embrace the former...and only when we let pride stand in the gap rather than humblness...when we put self before God rather than Christ and all that He is.

When we take Him out of the way, when we no longer hear Him walking through the garden of our heart, or He is taken out of the way by the voice of another. What did not exist...and what does not exist, and what should never be allowed to exist...appears and we focus on something that is only a lack of Something else, allowing by free will, what should not even exist, to appear.

Our freewill can esily be given over to something that will at once enslave us... an Emptiness that can become so creative to self fullfil its void that it then becomes our only desire to entice, trap and enslave any and all whom we can through our attempts to dimminish those same things in them that we now lack in ourselves. We become the creators and agents of what is not of God, but is now the creation of our own empty hearts. Our hearts are either full of God and His goodness...or empty of it and full of our selfishness which never seems to fill us enough. The two cannot co-exist.

As absolute freezing cannot exist unless there is an absense of any heat and warmth, our hearts can become empty of anything that can sustain and save this human race...warmth, compassion, tenderness, caring, and love...its desire becomes only for that which cannot exist...pride, fear, and hate... in the presence of what is, love and hope, and all that exists with each of them.

Satan, and all that he embodies, can only exist in the absense of GOD and all He embodies.


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