Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mine Eyes Have Seen

Make no mistake, the real enemies are lies disguised as truth creating doubt and fear. It is these lies that create the causes that each man is reluctantly forced to take sides with in order that pride shall cover their fear…the true darkness… the cry behind which each man stands on the same killing fields as his brother, his neighbor, while God rips that pride from his heart and the desire to ever kill again those whom he shall never know. Yet it is these causes that will judge the motives and intent of every man.

This will not be just a war, but it will be a moment by moment decision between two brothers who oppose each other, pitted against each other in fear by the cause they were sold which fills them with pride in order that their fear remain hidden… each trying to survive on the same piece of land, ready and willing to kill for it, or even die for it. Multiply this by the thousands, and then by the millions, and even perhaps, billions. It is the same decision that is inside us all between what is of this world and what is greater than this world.

Hatred and love, selfishness and self sacrifice are all intertwined in a bloodlust that is disguised in a cacophony of names and ideals, beliefs and dreams, visions and ambitions and causes more confusing than the battles or wars themselves.

No man shall ever be a victor here. It’s only the cause that seems to win, the ideal, the vision or dream while the ground is baptized in the blood of those so hell-bent on dieing for it; an ideal, that no matter how much blood is shed for it may very well die one day itself: Democracy, freedom, unity, liberty, stability, the pursuit of happiness and even world peace. These have become merely bywords for the greed and lusts for power and riches of some men; the causes by which they make good men to fight, multiplying their fears, selling them lies, buying their loyalty, giving to these men a royal motive behind which each man is required to stand that his pride shall sit on the throne of God in fear that it is not God who has been invited to sit there.

Yet, there should be only one cause that draws men together, not in battle against one another, but for the learning of good…One word that men should be willing to die for in order that they might live…truth.

God’s cause is to seek justice, not vengeance, to rebuke the oppressor, not wage war against him, to defend or vindicate the fatherless, not create them, or rather than fixing blame on them in order to condemn, and finally, to plead for the widows and the orphans as advocates rather than pretending they don’t exist or that they are someone else’s problem, or creating them through more wars. This can only be done by embracing the truth, by embracing that which agrees with the final reality. By this cause we should stand, and any other is a false cause, a worldly pretense that deceives men into thinking they are doing righteousness. These false causes are the way of the world and are merely a pretense for the lusts and greed of some men. They may seem right to man, but only lead to his destruction.

The destruction wrought by wars that are based upon false causes, based upon the greed of a few, that continue the corruption of man leaves a swath of death in its path…not just of the flesh, but of the spirit and soul as well.


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