Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Mark of the Beast

While 70 % of the worlds population survives on as little as a cup of rice each day, and some even less: and while 1% of the worlds population controls the wealth and abundance of this planet…who then do that 1% serve if not they themselves? And whose way of life are we asked to defend? Of the remaining29%...who do we serve…the one…or the many? Are we soldiers of oppression or soldiers of truth…because it is we who stand in the worldly gap between the one and the many?

E Pluribus Unum means “out of the many came the one.” If this 1%, the self designated privileged few had anyone’s best interest in mind but their own, then why have we seen the rise in so many billionaires? Only a few decades ago it was a great thing to be a millionaire, but now that time has passed and the world is now seeing the wealth of these rise into the tens of billions while the ranks of those who have little or nothing continues to grow. What little these privileged few have shared has only been for the purpose of gaining more for themselves, or protecting what they have. The lives of the multitudes have been forced to rejoice in the few because they depend upon these few to supply them with even their very most basic needs, needs that were created by the greed of these privileged few.

6 is the number for man… “And on the sixth day, God created Man…” 600 is therefore a multitude of men, (out of the many). “Threescore” or 60 is taken from a root word, “suws” or “siys” meaning to rejoice, be bright, , make mirth, joy… And again…6…the number of man…as in one man… “The one..” What then have we except a” multitude of men” (600) who are “rejoicing” (threescore) in “one man” (6)… 666…not one man who is God, or the Son of God, or Immanuel…but rather simply and merely… one man? For “out of the many, came the one.” Which translated into Latin is “E Pluribus Unum.” A man who must always make preparation, the sixth day of the week being the day of preparation, and a man who is neither complete nor whole as Christ was.

Yet Christ was the anointed “One”. He did not come, but was sent. Divinity veiled in humanity, who “was sent for” the “many,” prepared from before the foundation of the world… predestined and already complete and whole. He is the sacred 777 and what He finished also is complete, needing nothing else to finish His work. What He finished set us at liberty, making us free, serving Gods justice, uniting us in His love, and giving us peace with that very same God who created us, for all eternity. All that is required from us is to humble ourselves and claim what He finished, never having to defend our decision to do so, nor our desire for such. And once claimed, never having to worry about losing it if it comes under attack. It is already defended…by the same truth that set us free. All that can attack it are lies that attempt to create fear and doubt… the tools of Satan in order to set himself up as ruler of this world. But truth is stronger than even this.


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