Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thus saith the LORD,

"O America, your brightness fades;
quenched by the waters of a whirlwind
your princes did create.
In your name your honor
by which I have honored you
draws to an end,
And still you say nothing!

O America,what light now do you hold
that truth cannot unfold
to behold its lie
and show you how dim it is ?
Yet your silence does approve!

O America, your sacred places are still
while your pillars and high places
seek out to destroy you.
You see but do not say.
You hear but do not know.
What spell has come over you?

O America, if only you could stand,
but feeble weakness has you on your face.
Arise, I say, wake up
Take hold of the promises I hold out.
For unless you do,
I will crush you with the rock I gave
to be your foundation.

O America, hear My plea to you.
Lift up your hands,
and strengthen your feeble knees.
Join Me in My cause which I have made for you,
or you shall be swept away by My fire.

O America, seek from Me truth,
which is no lie,
My faithfulness testifies.
Open your hearts and let Me in
and I will show you what freedom is.

O America, your enemies have grown.
they camp all about you.
And yet if you would only see,
you could surrender them to Me
I would defeat them as I have with the Truth.

O America, what prince will save you?
I've given you the Prince of Peace.
Yet you let those who oppose,
who rebelle with their causes,
destroy what I have sent.

O America, open your hearts!
Wake up
and cry out with a shout!
Let no one decieve you by any means,
or you will be left to your own...

O America, it is I who love you.
Why then do you turn away from Me?
Your enemy is in your midst,
if only you'd see him.
"Open your eyes," I say,
And he will be defeated.

Arise, for your own sake!
Fill up your hearts!
I have given you My Word
and it is the truth.
If you knew it,
you would know Me."


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