Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The War On Terrorism Explained In Plain English

By Carmen Yarrusso

Basic nature

To understand the war on terror, it helps to compare it to the war on drugs. Both “wars‿ use the same basic scam: implement government policies GUARANTEED to create a problem and then charge gullible taxpayers billions to fight a “war‿ against the problem (which of course can’t possibly succeed because the problem is perpetually sustained by the government policies).
As long as US government prohibition policies guarantee massive drug profits to millions around the world, the war on drugs will remain an expensive, endless exercise in futility. Similarly, as long as US government foreign policies guarantee massive suffering to millions of Muslims around the world (who have little economic, military or political power) the war on terror will remain an expensive, endless exercise in futility.
Any success eliminating individual terrorists (or drug dealers) merely creates job openings for a long line of eager applicants. If the incentive remains, replacements will line up. In fact, eliminating individual terrorists (or drug dealers) is worse than ineffective. Like natural selection, it tends to weed out the weaker, less ruthless, less efficient in favor of stronger, more ruthless, more efficient replacements.
Sustained by big lies
Aside from politically weak scapegoat “enemies‿, both “war‿ scams require a servile media to spread the lies that fool the gullible masses. The inherently futile war on terror is no more a war against terror than the inherently futile war on drugs is a war against drugs. In fact, both wars absolutely guarantee MORE of what each purports to fight. The real enemies in both wars are living breathing human beings who have been unjustly demonized and marginalized and thus have very little political power to fight back.
Big lies and a servile media are needed to convince the masses that certain people are “criminals‿ (to be jailed like rapists and murderers) if they claim sovereignty over their own bodies and use drugs less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Similarly, big lies and a servile media are needed to convince the masses that certain people are inherently “evil‿ and resort to acts of terror because they hate our freedoms or hate our lifestyles--even though they’ve made it perfectly clear (in public statements) it’s US government foreign policies they hate.
Big lies and a servile media are needed to hide the fact that the US government continues its long history of supporting ruthless regimes that oppress millions of politically weak Muslims. Big lies and a servile media are needed to convince the masses that cutting off the heads of innocents with knives and NOT hiding the horror from the public is called “terrorism‿, but cutting off the heads of innocents with smart bombs and HIDING the horror from the public is called “spreading democracy‿.

Stopping terrorism

The only way to stop terrorism is to expose the “war on terror‿ as another very dangerous US government “war‿ scam. The servile mainstream media must be exposed as complicit in this scam and bypassed to get the truth out to the people:
1. Terrorism is a political tactic of desperate people, not an “evil‿ ideology.
2. The root cause of present day terrorism is US government foreign policies that sustain the violent occupation of Muslim land and the cruel oppression of millions of marginalized Muslims.
3. Stopping terrorism is futile until these unjust US government policies are stopped.
4. Israel is the crux of the problem. US billions and US weapons permit Israel to continue to expand its occupation of Palestinian land and to continue its violent oppression of politically powerless Palestinians.
5. The illegal US invasion of Iraq greatly exacerbates the problem by blatantly validating terrorists’ claims of oppression and violent occupation of Muslim land. This bloody US occupation virtually guarantees Americans and their allies will be targets of violence.
The war on terror escalates violence against people who are already violently protesting the violence against them. This can only further validate and further solidify their cause. Violence breeds violence.
Terrorism is the product of injustice and can only be stopped by stopping the injustice.


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