Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hugh Lipsius

Hate judges and then judges and then forgives.

It is written,

Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness...Genesis 1:26 God created man in His own image...Genesis 1:27
Then God Blessed them...Genesis 1:28
And God said, " See, I have given you every herb that yeilds seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruit yeilds seed, to you it shall be for food...Genesis 1:29
Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good...Genesis 1:31

Self-exaltation uses one method of deceit to create doubt through a well concealed lie...its result is to form a desire to be like God...yet what the result becomes is fear that you had not enough faith to understand and believe that God has already created you in His own desire to control the creation of that image can only mar what was already created good...your own hands cannot cause one rose to bloom...the fear comes from discovering that you were not happy with what God Himself an effort to cover up your develop your own lie out of pride, not wanting to be seen as the imperfect creature you have now now hide behind the new image in your shame, attempting to show an image you think will be pleasing to those around you in an effort to exalt yourself to them...but knowing in your heart that it is false... your own method now becomes the same deceit that tricked you in the first place and you attemt to cause others to become like have now become an instrument of practice what he desired...which is for you to bow down to him...and for others to bow down to you.
Perhaps you are judging others for the imperfections that maybe only you've determined...perhaps you condemn them for what you see only on the can't look into their you condemn them for what you perceive of their no no motives for what others think and act you judge, condemn and hate according to your own standard...according to yoour own laws...because they are not like you...who thinks you are become the lawless one...and you don't even know that you are manipulating others through the sams lies and deceit and hypocracy that your father, the devil taught set yourself set youself look down upon and think that somehow you are more blessed than those you sit in judgement of.
For it is written,
Now the serpant was more cunning (crafty and shrewd, especially in deception...made with or showing skill; ingenious: to know these) than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, "Has God indeed said , You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" ( He was testing the woman to see if she could be manipulated).
And the woman said to the serpant, "We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden;
but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, "You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you die." (She engaged the serpant in thought).
Then the serpant said to the woman, "You will not surely die.
For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Genesis 3:1-5.
(here the serpant introduces a cunning lie...this created a doubt which led to the downfall of man...upon eating the fruit, the woman then became an instrument of the serpant when she offered some to the man...the man wasa first to sin though, because his love for the woman was greater than his love for God...fearing the woman's rejection, he said nothing to persuad her to obey God's commandment but instead joined her in eating the fruit...his was the first, and far greater error for he was not deceived by the serpant, but was deceived by the lust of his own heart...had he kept before her the words of God's commandment not to eat of the fruit...she would never have been able to hear the words of the serpant...she ate first...but he said nothing to prevent her from it...and then joined her).
O, what a wreched man I am...I thank God for Jesus Christ my Lord

In The Absense of Light - O America, Your Brightness is Fading

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of light.
It takes only a small flicker of candle light to illuminate an entire room...however dimly.

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of joy.
A small amount of happiness goes a long way to lift a matter how heavy.

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of the healing balm of tenderness.
A small amount of kindness carries away much suffering of matter how deep the hurt.

There is no such thing as is only the absense of courage.
An ounce of courage brings about the noblest of matter how frightened.

There is no such thing as is merely the lack of belief.
A mustard seed of faith goes a long way towards matter how much is missing.

There is no such thing as is merly the absense of good.
A small amount of righteousness exposes a mountain of matter how wicked.

There in no such thing as a is merely the absense of truth.
A small amount of openness reveals a multitude of matter how deeply hidden.

There is no such thing as is merely the absense of love.
Sweet affection goes a long way towards those who matter how far from the heart it is.

There is no such thing as can only exist in the absense of peace.
Tactful diplomacy and compromise yeilds much more than angry words and matter.

Now that we know what is absent in our is up to all of us to seek it and receive it in our heart in order to send back to the pit that which should not exist in the first place. Evil can only produce evil...violence can only produce violence...corruption can only produce corruption. They are the creators of themselves...and seek only for their gain. They cannot exist without the absense of the things we too often turn away from...light, joy, tenderness, kindness, courage, goodness, righteousness, truth, openness, love, affection, peace, tactful diplomacy, yeilding compromise, and faith.

Darkness, sorrow, suffering, fear deciet, wickedness, unrighteousness, hypocracy, lies, hate and war can only exist when we fail to embrace the former...and only when we let pride stand in the gap rather than humblness...when we put self before God rather than Christ and all that He is.

When we take Him out of the way, when we no longer hear Him walking through the garden of our heart, or He is taken out of the way by the voice of another. What did not exist...and what does not exist, and what should never be allowed to exist...appears and we focus on something that is only a lack of Something else, allowing by free will, what should not even exist, to appear.

Our freewill can esily be given over to something that will at once enslave us... an Emptiness that can become so creative to self fullfil its void that it then becomes our only desire to entice, trap and enslave any and all whom we can through our attempts to dimminish those same things in them that we now lack in ourselves. We become the creators and agents of what is not of God, but is now the creation of our own empty hearts. Our hearts are either full of God and His goodness...or empty of it and full of our selfishness which never seems to fill us enough. The two cannot co-exist.

As absolute freezing cannot exist unless there is an absense of any heat and warmth, our hearts can become empty of anything that can sustain and save this human race...warmth, compassion, tenderness, caring, and love...its desire becomes only for that which cannot exist...pride, fear, and hate... in the presence of what is, love and hope, and all that exists with each of them.

Satan, and all that he embodies, can only exist in the absense of GOD and all He embodies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Modern Day Prophecy from The Voice of One Crying In The Wilderness [BLOGGER PREVIEW]

Monday, July 11, 2005

Unless the LORD had
been my
My soul would have settled in silence. Psalm 94:17

I said, “I will guard my ways,
Lest I sin with my tongue;
I will restrain my mouth with a muzzle,
While the wicked are before me.”
I was mute with silence,
I held my peace even from good;
And my sorrow was stirred up.
My heart was hot within me;
While I was meditating, the fire burned.
Then I spoke with my tongue. Psalm 39: 1-3

The Fish in the Bowl

Who can take from a man what he’s gained or what he’s done, where he’s been, what he’s learned, or what God has made him.

The world seems to think that it has the answers for another man’s success. They may even tag him a failure because he won’t buy their ideas, especially when all around him so much misery seems to be starring him down.

In a fishbowl, separated by their distorted views, he sits in silence, watching as the world rushes buy, too damn busy to take a moment to wonder what their hurry is… or perhaps too afraid to stop because they know the reason why.

Blinded by desires that sooth not the inward parts, their frantic race is a search for more of what they’ll never find. They seem to toil endlessly for luxuries and comforts so as to appear to others that they have what it takes to be a success, but they miss this golden opportunity, this time called life.

This trampled path is well worn and wide as an ocean, littered with decaying carcasses, old bones, and ash. While it appears to lead somewhere, it goes no where forever. There are many who go this wide way. There are many who have been. And yet, the man they sit in judgment of is one who by his faith in God and the sweat of his brow, has attained his bowl of happiness.

Content, this man sits behind the glass, humble in his watery womb. But the world that sees him by a distorted view are envious amid their torturous ruin, and even this, they try to snatch away from him.

As they sit atop their heap of ravaged souls, clutching in their hand some gleaming prize of more, they are giddy with their sickly laughter. They scan the landscape all around, of wasted efforts and unrealized hope in a desperate search for more of what they’ll never know.

What is that on the far horizon; that glimmer of light; that smile; that faith; that ray of hope? Never satisfied and too foolish to understand, jealousy overrules their soul as they scheme inside themselves for how to remove the fish from the bowl.

So as you enter your own field of dreams, be careful, because in that same field are many disappointments too. Wishes and desires can seem to rush by like strangers in a crowd. They can quite easily whisk you off your feet as you attempt to reach out and grasp something that can all too easily slip right through your fingers if you squeeze too tightly.

These same wishes and desires can also bob around like soap bubbles, causing your head to twist around in a direction that your body fails to follow, separating you from yourself in vain attempts to capture what is not yours to own.

Be careful in that place of dreams. Fix your eyes on One, stretch out your hand, and let it float down slowly into the palm of it, curl your fingers gently round it, careful not to crush. Now hold it to your heart, never letting go. For in this field of dreams with many lofty words, there are also many disappointments mingled with much vanity.

The Latter Day Rains

“Do not put your trust in princes (rulers), nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help (salvation). His spirit departs, he returns to the earth; in that very day his plans perish.” Psalm 146:3&4.
This message is to you America...For the sake of those fighting in the battles of war, for the sake of this government, for the sake of the hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent...
...We who are already free…or so it may seem.
How, we must ask, can anyone take from us what is only God's to give? Only we can surrender it into the hands of those who profess to be watchmen over it. Why then do we insist on allowing our leaders to lead us into a path of destruction? They profess to protect what is already ours, inalienable rights that were given to us by God and not man...yet their actions expose their true intent. They abuse these rights for the gain of their own profit through corruption and violence.
Our very Constitution, which guarantees these rights, is chaffing under the weight of our apathy...a constitution that states the equality of "all men," not merely American citizens...a declaration of truth that may not agree with the final reality...a declaration of independant life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that is not found in the wake of anywhere our nations administration sets its foot.
What kind of leadership would try to convince us into thinking we cannot remain free, and that we must constantly be punishing other nations for infringing on our national interests and thus, our freedom...even when this is done in their own sovereign though we have a claim to everything in the world...or that any other nation lacks the freedom to rise up as we did and possess that freedom for themselves? Why do we feel that as a nation, we must do it for them, rather than by example encouraging them to do it for themselves, especially when the God we profess had set us free before we ever claimed it? Or why do we believe that in order to keep this freedom, we must always be slaves to defending it with our blood in lands so far removed as to pose no threat to our borders?
Perhaps other nations whom we attemt to impose our way of life upon sees things different than we are willing to see ourselves. prehaps it is not freedom they see, but agression, thievery, meddling,oppression and corrupt greed for what has been given to them by God. Perhaps then, what our administration is preaching to other nations is a false freedom, not really freedom at all, but simply a scam to get these nations to allow us close enough to get what greed desires. Freedom that is often bought through bribes, that benefits only a few, and leaves a wide path of destruction in its wake.
Perhaps even what we enjoy is a freedom that offers just enough happiness to prevent us from seeing it for what it is…enough contentment to develop a pride that will rush to its defense...enough national pride to become self-righteous, apathetic, and afraid that somehow we may lose it. As long as the economy is strong, we are bribed into thinking that all is well, and that we should say little about the things we may hear about what our nations administraters are concocting in other nations...despite the murderous effect these things may be having on civilian populations.
What freedom offers the rights which have an ulterior motive towards gaining for itself, what liberty is nothing more than a sheild and a cloak for covetousness..whether it be power, might, wealth, or national interest... that does not consider the ways of other, sovereign nations and is propagated by lies, deceit, corruption and violence.
This is not a true freedom, but is a false doctrine of freedom and is meant to lull those who accept it into a false sense of security for the furtherance of a hidden agenda.
The truth that sets you free needs no defense. It is it's own defender. It merely needs to be embraced and followed.
"Because we fear the responsibility for our actions, we have allowed ourselves to develop the mentality of slaves. Contrary to the stirring sentiments of the Declaration of Independence, we now pledge "our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor" not to one another for our mutual protection, but to the state, whose actions continue to exploit, despoil, and destroy us": Butler D. Shaffer
What is this hidden agenda that guides the thoughts of the self designated privileged few except that there are worldly things they want to protect and gain for themselves?...These few who ask the rest of the world to sacrifice everything, including the lives of our sons, our daughters, our husbands, wives, fathers and mothers so they can have it all as the price for their selfish guidance… extortion on a global scale?
"Where is it written in the Constitution, in what article or section is it contained, that you may take children from their parents and parents from their children, and compel them to fight the battles of any war in which the folly and wickedness of the government may engage itself? Under what concealment has this power lain hidden, which now for the first time comes forth, with a tremendous and baleful aspect, to trample down and destroy the dearest right of personal liberty? Who will show me any Constitutional injunction which makes it the duty of the American people to surrender everything valuable in life, and even life, itself, whenever the purposes of an ambitious and mischievous government may require it? ... A free government with an uncontrolled power of military conscription is the most ridiculous and abominable contradiction and nonsense that ever entered into the heads of men." -- Daniel Webster (1782-1852), US Senator Source: Speech in the House of Representatives, January 14, 1814

Rather than yielding to the powers that be...the inheritance set aside for us from before the foundation of the world, those that existed before we were ever created in order to be that example and the earthly keepers that Christ laid before us...this nation has fallen to the deceit of "The Lord of the flies" in thinking that it is or can be or is the Savior of the world.
Too often it has been stated and restated by government dignitaries, that democracy is the last, best, hope for mankind...and our now sitting president, George W. Bush, feels that he has a mandate from God Himself, to spread democracy throughout the world and lead the way in the continuing fight for "freedom"...and with it all the spoils and power that go with it.
We have become a nation that relies on our own strength, our own power, our own thoughts, ways, and ideas at the urging of our leaders who also claim these are never enough, always pushing for more...the emptiness of a nation who can never be filled enough with self.
We as a nation are led to believe that democracy is the last, best hope for the world having the answers for all of the rest of humanity. Our administration believes and tries to sell its ways to the rest of the world whether through bribery, extortion, or force, when in truth it has not enough answers for its own people. Violence and corruption are in its wake… Misery and suffering are its byproducts. Our nations prisons ar filled with over 2 million inmates. Our nation leads the world in violent crime. Our nation leads the way for drug addicts, child molestors, and many other violent behaviors. We are a nation obsessed with violence and guns, but baulk prudishly at the sight of a woman's breast. We will not allow someone the right to chose to die with some dignity through euthenasia...but murder unborn children by the millions. we spend billions on space exploration and military might while leaving the worst off to suffer with little or no support. And we, its citizens, sit idly by and do nothing,using our own liberty as a cloak for covetousness. We support it at its own urgings, even when we know that those urgings are lies...we defend it with our blood...we provide for it with our taxes...we elect it with our votes...and we continue to belive its falsehoods and manipulation.
We as a nation have been led to believe that our leader has a mandate from God...because that is what he believes...
"God gave the savior to the German people. We have faith, deep and unshakeable faith that he was sent to us by God to save Germany." Hermann Goering, speaking of Hitler
"Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he's in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this": Lt Gen William Boykin, speaking of G. W. Bush, New York Times, 17 October 2003
Yet what God would allow His mandate to be pursued on the bases of lies and deceit which casts doubt and fear causing a nation people to become ashamed apart from its leadership? The God of all truth will bring that nation to destruction.
The powerful have invoked God at their side in this war, so that we will accept their power and our weakness as something that has been established by divine plan. But there is no god behind this war other than the god of money, nor any right other than the desire for death and destruction. Today there is a "NO" which shall weaken the powerful and strengthen the weak: the "NO" to war: Subcomandante Marcos - Source: No to war, 2/16/03
“The coming of the lawless one is according to the workings of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved."II Thesssalonians 2:9

There is a fundamental principle at work here that has its very roots in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that though the first man was forbidden to eat its fruit, man kind continues to gobble it up with an insatiable appetite.
God, in all his wisdom, who knows the end from the beginning, allows this, not only in hope that we will not eat that fruit, but in hope that should we eat it, the deciever will become exposed through the desires of our heart and we will recognize who it is that deceives. But also, who it is that allowed themselves to be decieved and how this happened. Provision has been made for the savation of all mankind.
When will we finally recognize the face and character of this deceiver? When will we turn from it and embrace the truth that sets us free from the lies?
"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland": Adolph Hitler : In 1933, Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag as a pretext to push through emergency decrees suspending the basic civil liberties of German citizens. The "emergency" decrees remained in effect until the fall of the Third Reich in 1945.
"Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators": Adolf Hitler, 1938
If you have not recognized the overtures in the preceeding quotes and essay, then read no further...for it is your own desire that you should remain deaf and blind. But make no mistake that these words were used as often in history, down through the centuries, as there were nations whose desire it has been to rule over God's kingdom and usurp His throne.
But if these strike a cord in your heart, and you wish to come up out of the darkness of perplexity, then read further, feeling free to comment on anything, and e-mail me personally.
It is not for me to name he who shall descend into hell, but that in his time, he shall be revealed...and it is my view, given by God, as it is written, that his revelation will be in the very exaltation of himself above all that is of God, as though he was God, judging and condemning those who oppose him in an effort to silence their voice.

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Quotes from History

The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men: Plato

Morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose: Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

We Americans have no commission from God to police the world: Benjamin Harrison, address to Congress, 1888

"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." --Henry Kissinger

Single is the Race

A 6th century BCE poem written by Greek poet Pindar

Single is the race, single
Of men and gods;
From a single mother we both draw breath.
But a difference of power in everything
Keeps us apart;
For one is as nothing, but the brazen sky
Stays a fixed habituation for ever.
Yet we can in greatness of mind
Or of body be like the immortals.

O Foolish Wise

"Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty." : Anne Louise Germaine de Stael - (1766-1817) French author
"A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.": Euripides
"The modern susceptibility to conformity and obedience to authority indicates that the truth endorsed by authority is likely to be accepted as such by a majority of the people." David Edwards - British columnist - Source: Burning All Illusions, 1996
While most may believe that it is necessary to take an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a friend for a friend, a neighbor for a neighbor, a brother for a brother, a life for a life, there are a few yet that believe we should give a vision for vision, teaching for teaching, caring for caring, sharing for sharing, loyalty for loyalty, love for love. To give any of these is a voluntary act of love. To take any of these is a vengeful act of hatred. It is the battle we are all now in and the mortal motive which we must all decide upon; from the head to the very toe of our nation.

What empire that has gone before us did not meet its destiny in shame and ruin? Are we somehow different than the nations of history, who all started out with good intentions…or so it may have seemed?
A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government: Edward Abbey

Every single empire in its official discourse has said that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize, bring order and democracy, and that it uses force only as a last resort. And, sadder still, there always is a chorus of willing intellectuals to say calming words about benign or altruistic empires: Edward W. Said - "Orientalism 25 Years Later," website, 4 August 2003.

This nation’s leaders are trying so hard to be god–like themselves…to exalt their throne above the heavens…to sit on the throne of God, thinking they are God and yet, rejecting everything that is Godly…like so many nations who have gone before be the “Kingdom of God,” in their own right and by their own power in order to build its empire for themselves.

But God’s kingdom is within us and not of this world… God is spirit and truth, not flesh and blood. Any attempt to create a worldly kingdom for God is an idol, an image, and is false. It cannot be created without and put on, but rather it must come from within and be radiated outwardly...its face is of spiritual blessing. It is not created by man but can be received by man to share with God…an inheritance that everyone might share a portion of.

Rather than yielding to the powers that be, the inheritance set aside for us from before the foundation of the world, those that existed before we were ever created, in order to be that example that Christ laid before us, this nation has fallen to the deceit of Satan in thinking that it is or can be the Savior of the world. This is a nation that relies on its own strength, its own power, its own thoughts, ways, and ideas. It believes that it has the answers for all of the rest of humanity. It believes and tries to sell its ways to the rest of the world whether through bribery, extortion, or force, when in truth it has not enough answers for its own people. Violence and corruption fill its land…. Misery and suffering are its byproducts.

Here is a list of the empires who have gone before us in their efforts to rule over God’s creation… the ones who wanted to rule the world; to sit at the right hand of God with judgement on their wings against all men:

- Conquered and fallen
Babylonian Empire- Conquered and fallen
Persian Empire- Conquered and fallen
Greek Empire- Conquered and fallen
Phoenician Empire- Conquered and fallen
Egyptian Empire- Conquered and fallen
Roman Empire- Conquered and fallen
Ottoman Empire- Conquered and fallen
Byzantine Empire- Conquered and fallen
Spanish Empire Conquered and fallen
British Empire- Conquered and fallen
The German “Third Reich” Defeated and fallen

Each of the man-gods that ruled these empires tried to establish their own way, their own wisdom, and their own set of principles, rules, and laws…each attempted to impose them on the rest of the nations they brought under their influence, drawing off of the empires that fell before them in an effort to improve on their errors. Each saw themselves as invincible, above the law, and beyond reproach. In the end the prudent and wise men who ruled these empires and those who became their followers saw that what started with good intentions on their part, ended in their ruin, as well as the decay and ruin of their empires. What has brought about this ruin is the national pride that comes through conquest, the self-righteousness that comes through domination, the corruption that comes through wealth, and the violence that is necessary to hold onto it in order maintain the empire. The rulers of these empires exhibited an outward image of high moral values, while all the while they plotted and schemed ways to grab more for themselves.

"There are some whose only reason for inciting war is to use it as a means to exercise their tyranny over their subjects more easily. For in times of peace the authority of the assembly, the dignity of the magistrates, the force of the laws stand in the way to some extent of the ruler doing what he likes. But once war is declared then the whole business of state is subject to the will of a few ... They demand as much money as they like. Why say more?" [Erasmus of Rotterdam 1469-1536, Adages IV.i.1]

“Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?” I Corinthians 1: 20

It is written:

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.” I Corintheans 1:19

There is and always was…only One answer, and rather than freely receive what we have been freely given but at a heavy price to be paid by the Giver, in order that we might set an example and reflect that gift…we have fallen, like the rest of the nations through history, to the devices and desires of our own hearts. And though we may confess these things during our solemn services…we have not forsaken them in our desire to sit at the right hand of God…a place that is already occupied…and a place that every man, woman and child desires to be at the expense of his/her neighbor, exalting self so that others might see. From the head, to the very tip of the toes the manifestation of Satan has taken hold.

Yet, those who exalt themselves will be humbled.

Sovereignty over any foreign land is insecure.: Lucius Annaeus Seneca : 4 BC-65. Roman philosopher and playwright.

To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace: Publius Cornelius Tacitus - 55-117. Roman historian.

A Time Called “When”

A Time Called “When”
By Hugh Lipsius

Years ago and far away, or was it yesterday?
Perhaps it never was at all, and now is because it was told;
A time to come and not that is, to help us reconcile.
A bit of poetry, it began, to paint a picture of a time called when
In an effort to see how happy you’d be,
But with a trembling hand it was great responsibility.
I can see the pen dangling over the sheet
Whose blank lines were at once to show
Only truth and no lie about the face that will pass us by.
Perhaps this time and place called when is only a hope written down,
In case there was a time that we had need for one, we could all hope for it then.
By writing deep thoughts, and mingling it with blood.
This thrill to our heart, that ends in a smile and a hope of the time called when
Can have its effect in the shadow it casts on the pages that mimic its light;
The shine that its love is hidden behind is the star that shines at night.
So let truth light the way in the darkness of shame and a fear of what it might be.
For stars always shine, but in day we are blind to the wonderful presence they are.
What light, I ask, cannot brighten the darkness of this shadow of death upon us?
Find it then, look hard in yourself, open the eyes that are in you
Believe in the time, a time called when, you need no other time to see.
Was it written for when there would be nothing else, or when there is everything?


"A time comes when silence is betrayal.""History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

They asked if our own nation wasn't using massive doses of violence to solve its problems, to bring about the changes it wanted. Their questions hit home, and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government. For the sake of those boys, for the sake of this government, for the sake of hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent.By Rev. Martin Luther King - 4 April 1967 - Speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967, at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church in New York City

Peace is more important than all justice; and was not made for the sake of justice, but justice for the sake of peace: Martin Luther

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal'": Martin Luther King Jr.

Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Mark of the Beast

While 70 % of the worlds population survives on as little as a cup of rice each day, and some even less: and while 1% of the worlds population controls the wealth and abundance of this planet…who then do that 1% serve if not they themselves? And whose way of life are we asked to defend? Of the remaining29%...who do we serve…the one…or the many? Are we soldiers of oppression or soldiers of truth…because it is we who stand in the worldly gap between the one and the many?

E Pluribus Unum means “out of the many came the one.” If this 1%, the self designated privileged few had anyone’s best interest in mind but their own, then why have we seen the rise in so many billionaires? Only a few decades ago it was a great thing to be a millionaire, but now that time has passed and the world is now seeing the wealth of these rise into the tens of billions while the ranks of those who have little or nothing continues to grow. What little these privileged few have shared has only been for the purpose of gaining more for themselves, or protecting what they have. The lives of the multitudes have been forced to rejoice in the few because they depend upon these few to supply them with even their very most basic needs, needs that were created by the greed of these privileged few.

6 is the number for man… “And on the sixth day, God created Man…” 600 is therefore a multitude of men, (out of the many). “Threescore” or 60 is taken from a root word, “suws” or “siys” meaning to rejoice, be bright, , make mirth, joy… And again…6…the number of man…as in one man… “The one..” What then have we except a” multitude of men” (600) who are “rejoicing” (threescore) in “one man” (6)… 666…not one man who is God, or the Son of God, or Immanuel…but rather simply and merely… one man? For “out of the many, came the one.” Which translated into Latin is “E Pluribus Unum.” A man who must always make preparation, the sixth day of the week being the day of preparation, and a man who is neither complete nor whole as Christ was.

Yet Christ was the anointed “One”. He did not come, but was sent. Divinity veiled in humanity, who “was sent for” the “many,” prepared from before the foundation of the world… predestined and already complete and whole. He is the sacred 777 and what He finished also is complete, needing nothing else to finish His work. What He finished set us at liberty, making us free, serving Gods justice, uniting us in His love, and giving us peace with that very same God who created us, for all eternity. All that is required from us is to humble ourselves and claim what He finished, never having to defend our decision to do so, nor our desire for such. And once claimed, never having to worry about losing it if it comes under attack. It is already defended…by the same truth that set us free. All that can attack it are lies that attempt to create fear and doubt… the tools of Satan in order to set himself up as ruler of this world. But truth is stronger than even this.

The Tears of a Clown


A View Of Iraq From A SoldierSpeech to the "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus on July 19, 2005By John Bruhns
Click here to watch Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, read this letter into the congressional record08/03/05 "ICH" -- -- I am a concerned veteran of the Iraq War. I am not an expert on the vast and wide range of issues throughout the political spectrum, but I can offer some first hand experience of the war in Iraq through the eyes of a soldier. My view of the situation in Iraq will differ from what the American People are being told by the Bush Administration. The purpose of this message is to voice my concern that we were misled into war and continue to be misled about the situation! in Iraq every day. My opinions on this matter come from what I witnessed in Iraq personally. George Bush and his political advisors have been successful in presenting a false image to the American people that Saddam Hussein was an "imminent" threat to the security of the United States. We were told that there was overwhelming evidence that Saddam Hussein possessed a massive WMD program, and some members of the Bush Administration even hinted that Saddam may have been involved in the 9/11 attacks. We now know most of the information given to us by the current Administration concerning Iraq, if not all the information, was false. This was information given to the American people to justify a war. The information about weapons of mass destruction and a link to Osama Bin Laden scared the American people into supporting the war in Iraq. They presented an atmosphere of intimidation that suggested if we did not act immediately there was the possibility of another ! attack. Bush said himself that we do not want the proof or the smoking gun to come in the form of a "mushroom cloud." Donald Rumsfeld said, "We know where the weapons are." After 9/11, comments like this proved to be a successful scare tactic to use on the American People to rally support for the invasion. Members of the Bush Administration created an image of "wine and roses" in terms of the aftermath of the war. Vice-President Dick Cheney said American troops would be greeted as "liberators." And there was a false perception created that we would go into Iraq and implement a democratic government and it would be over more sooner than later. The White House also expressed confidence that the alleged WMD program would be found once we invaded. I participated in the invasion, stayed in Iraq for a year afterward, and what I witnessed was the total opposite of what President Bush and his Administration stated to the American People. The invasion was very confusing, and so was the period of time I spent in Iraq afterward. At first it did seem as if some of the Iraqi people were happy to be rid of Saddam Hussein. But that was only for a short period of time. Shortly after Saddam's regime fell, the Shiite Muslims in Iraq conducted a pilgrimage to Karbala, a pilgrimage prohibited by Saddam while he was in power. As I witnessed the ! Shiite pilgrimage, which was a new freedom that we provided to them, they used the pilgrimage to protest our presence in their country. I watched as they beat themselves over the head with sticks until they bled, and screamed at us in anger to leave their country. Some even carried signs that stated, "No Saddam, No America." These were people that Saddam oppressed; they were his enemies. To me, it seemed they hated us more than him. At that moment I knew it was going to be a very long deployment. I realized that I was not being greeted as a liberator. I became overwhelmed with fear because I felt I never would be viewed that way by the Iraqi people. As a soldier this concerned me. Because if they did not view me as a liberator, then what did they view me as? I felt that they viewed me as foreign occupier of their land. That led me to believe very early on that I was going to have a fight on my hands.During my year in Iraq I had many altercations with the so-called "insurgency." I found the insurgency I saw to be quite different from the insurgency described to the American people by the Bush Administration, the media, and other supporters of the war. There is no doubt in my mind there are foreigners from other surrounding countries in Iraq. Anyone in the Middle East who hates America now has the opportunity to kill Americans because there are roughly 140,000 US troops in Iraq. But the bulk of the insurgency I faced was primarily the people of Iraq who were attacking us as a reaction to what they felt was an occupation of their country. I was engaged actively in urban combat in the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad. Many of the people who were attacking me were the poor people of Iraq. They were definitely not members of Al Qaeda, left over Baath Party members, and they were not former members of Saddam's regime. They were just your average Iraqi civilian who wanted us out of their country. On October 31st, 2003, the people of Abu Ghraib organized a large uprising against us. They launched a massive assault on our compound in the area. We were attacked with AK-47 machine guns, RPGs and mortars. Thousands of people took to the streets to attack us. As the riot unfolded before my eyes, I realized these were just the people who lived there. There were men, women, and children participating. Some of the Iraqi protesters were even carrying pictures of Saddam Hussein. My battalion fought back with everything we had and eventually shut down the uprising. So while President Bush speaks of freedom and liberation of the Iraqi people, I find his statements are not credible after witnessing events such as these. During the violence that day I felt so much fear throughout my entire body. I remember going home that night and praying to God, thanking him that I was still alive. A few months earlier President Bush made the statement, "Bring it on" when referring to the attacks on Americans by the insurgency. To me, that felt like a personal invitation to the insurgents to attack me and my friends who desperately wanted to make it home alive.I did my job well in Iraq. During the deployment, my superiors promoted me to the rank of sergeant. I was made a rifle team leader and was put in charge of other soldiers when we carried out missions. My time as a Team Leader in Iraq was temporarily interrupted when I was sent to the "Green Zone" in Baghdad to train the Iraqi army. I was more than happy to do it because we were being told that in order for us to get out of Iraq completely the Iraqi military would have to be able to take over all security operations. The training of the Iraqi Army became a huge concern of mine. During the time I trained! them, their basic training was only one week long. We showed them some basic drill and ceremony such as marching and saluting. When it came time for weapons training, we gave each Iraqi recruit an AK-47 and just let them shoot it. They did not even have to qualify by hitting a target. All they had to do was pull the trigger. I was instructed by my superiors to stand directly behind them with caution while they were shooting just in case they tried to turn the weapon on us so we could stop them. Once they graduated from basic training, the Iraqi soldiers in a way became part of our battalion and we would take them on missions with us. But we never let them know where we were going, because we were afraid some of them might tip off the insurgency that we were coming and we would walk directly into an ambush. When they would get into formation prior to the missions we made them a part of, they would cover their faces so the people of their communities did not identify them as being affiliated with the American troops. Not that long ago President Bush made a statement at Fort Bragg when he addressed the nation about the war in Iraq. He said we would "stand down" when the Iraqi military is ready to "stand up." My experience with the new Iraqi military tells me we won't be coming home for a long time if that's the case.I left Iraq on February 27, 2004 and I acknowledge a lot may have changed since then, but I find it hard to believe the Iraqi people are any happier now than they were when was I was there. I remember the day I left there were hundreds of Iraqis in the streets outside the compound that I lived in. They watched as we moved out to the Baghdad Airport to finally go home. The Iraqis cheered, clapped, and shouted with joy as we were le! aving. As a soldier, that hurt me inside because I thought I was supposed to be fighting for their freedom. I saw many people die for that cause, but that is not how the Iraqi people looked at it. They viewed me as a foreign occupier and many of the people of Iraq may have even preferred Saddam to the American soldiers. I feel this way because of the consistent attacks on me and my fellow soldiers by the Iraqi people, who felt they were fighting for their homeland. To us the mission turned into a quest for survival. I wish I could provide an answer to this mess. I wish I knew of a realistic way to get our troops home. But we are very limited in our options in my opinion. If we pull out immediately, it's likely the Iraqi security forces will not be able to provide stability on their own. In that event, the new Iraqi government could possibly be overthrown. The other option would be to reduce our troop numbers and have a gradual pullout. That is very risky because it seems that even with the current number of troops the violence still continues. With a significant troop reduction, there is a strong possibility the violence and attacks on US and coalition forces could escalate and get even worse. In my opinion, that is more of a certainty. And then there is the option that President Bush brings to the table which is to "Stay the Course." That means more years of bloodshed and a lot more lives to be lost. Also, it will aggravate the growing opposition to the US presence in Iraq throughout the region and that could very well recruit more extremists to join terror organizations that will infiltrate into Iraq and kill more US troops. So it does not seem to me we have a realistic solution, and that frightens me. It has become very obvious that we have a serious dilemma that needs to be resolved as soon as possible to end the ongoing violence in Iraq. But how do we end it is the question? We must always support the troops. If there were a situation in which the United States is attacked again by a legitimate enemy, they are the people who are going to risk their lives to protect us and our freedom. In my opinion, the best way to support them now is to bring them home with the honor and respect they deserve. In closing, I ask that we never forget why this war started. The Bush Administration cried weapons of mass destruction and a link to Al Queda. We know that this is false and the Bush administration concedes it as well. As a soldier who fought in that war, I feel misled. I feel that I was sent off to fight for a cause that never existed. When I joined the military I did so to defend the United States of America, not to be sent off to a part of the world to fight people who never attacked me or my country. Many have died as a result of this. The people who started this war need to start being honest with t! he American people and take responsibility for their actions. More than anything, they need to stop saying everything is rosy and create a solution to this problem they created.Thank you for hearing me out. God Bless our great nation, the United States of America. John Bruhns
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Mine Eyes Have Seen

Make no mistake, the real enemies are lies disguised as truth creating doubt and fear. It is these lies that create the causes that each man is reluctantly forced to take sides with in order that pride shall cover their fear…the true darkness… the cry behind which each man stands on the same killing fields as his brother, his neighbor, while God rips that pride from his heart and the desire to ever kill again those whom he shall never know. Yet it is these causes that will judge the motives and intent of every man.

This will not be just a war, but it will be a moment by moment decision between two brothers who oppose each other, pitted against each other in fear by the cause they were sold which fills them with pride in order that their fear remain hidden… each trying to survive on the same piece of land, ready and willing to kill for it, or even die for it. Multiply this by the thousands, and then by the millions, and even perhaps, billions. It is the same decision that is inside us all between what is of this world and what is greater than this world.

Hatred and love, selfishness and self sacrifice are all intertwined in a bloodlust that is disguised in a cacophony of names and ideals, beliefs and dreams, visions and ambitions and causes more confusing than the battles or wars themselves.

No man shall ever be a victor here. It’s only the cause that seems to win, the ideal, the vision or dream while the ground is baptized in the blood of those so hell-bent on dieing for it; an ideal, that no matter how much blood is shed for it may very well die one day itself: Democracy, freedom, unity, liberty, stability, the pursuit of happiness and even world peace. These have become merely bywords for the greed and lusts for power and riches of some men; the causes by which they make good men to fight, multiplying their fears, selling them lies, buying their loyalty, giving to these men a royal motive behind which each man is required to stand that his pride shall sit on the throne of God in fear that it is not God who has been invited to sit there.

Yet, there should be only one cause that draws men together, not in battle against one another, but for the learning of good…One word that men should be willing to die for in order that they might live…truth.

God’s cause is to seek justice, not vengeance, to rebuke the oppressor, not wage war against him, to defend or vindicate the fatherless, not create them, or rather than fixing blame on them in order to condemn, and finally, to plead for the widows and the orphans as advocates rather than pretending they don’t exist or that they are someone else’s problem, or creating them through more wars. This can only be done by embracing the truth, by embracing that which agrees with the final reality. By this cause we should stand, and any other is a false cause, a worldly pretense that deceives men into thinking they are doing righteousness. These false causes are the way of the world and are merely a pretense for the lusts and greed of some men. They may seem right to man, but only lead to his destruction.

The destruction wrought by wars that are based upon false causes, based upon the greed of a few, that continue the corruption of man leaves a swath of death in its path…not just of the flesh, but of the spirit and soul as well.

My Brother's Keeper

“If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he will ask, and He will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that. All unrighteousness is sin, and there is sin that does not lead to death.” I John 5: 16, 17.

I cannot sit by idly, praying in the face of this deadly sin. This is not a time to pray but a time to speak.

To everything there is a purpose under heaven…
…A time to keep silence,
And a time to speak. Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 7
Therefore, the prudent keep silent at that time,
For it is an evil time.
Seek good and not evil,
That you may live;
So the LORD God of hosts will be with you,
As you have spoken. Amos 5: 13, 14

"Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them. There is almost no kind of outrage-----torture, imprisonment without trial, assassination, the bombing of civilians-----which does not change its moral color when it is committed by 'our' side. . The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.”: George Orwell

“Thou shalt not kill.” There are no exceptions to this rule. “If any man sheds mans blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God He made man.”
These words were spoken by the Almighty and were said by Him after the fall of man in Eden. They were spoken as a rebuke to all mankind…not just Americans, or Arabs, or Jews…but all mankind. God is not a respecter of persons. They were intended to address the violence and corruption in the world, both before the Great Flood, and after. It is an immutable commandment with no exceptions given. Those who shed blood are they that reject Christ and the way in which He taught us. Christ shed His blood so that no other blood need be shed…nor is worthy to be for the purpose it was anointed. And any man that does not speak out for that truth is just as guilty of that shed blood as though he had shed it himself. Christ did not set us at liberty through the shedding of His blood so that we would kill each other in order to hold onto it…it is only the greed for gain that man kills for.

“For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Mark 8: 36, 37.

He will guard the feet of His saints,
But the wicked shall be silent in darkness. I Samuel 2:9

Can you kill someone then, as God often commanded His people to do, without shedding blood? Yes, by making them aware of their sins, they become dead in their sins…shame leaves us empty inside… and in need of God for salvation by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Where then is the manifestation of the conscious bearing thoughts, the plea stricken voice of those who have taken up God’s cause? Thou shalt not take (in relationship to oneself) the Lord thy God’s name (character) in vain (without taking up His cause). Shame on us!

That my God is the author of diversity is true. All of nature testifies of it. But do the clouds fight to remain united with the sky? Does the earth do battle with the tree that’s planted in it? Does the dry land wage war against the roar of the sea? No, they yield to one another.

Even now all created things declare the glory of His excellence. There is nothing, except the selfish heart of man that lives unto itself. No bird that cleaves the air, no animal that walks upon the ground, but ministers to some other life. There is no leaf of the forest, or lowly blade of grass, but that has its ministry. Every tree and shrub and leaf pours forth that element without which no man nor animal could live; and man and animal, in turn, minister to the life of tree and shrub and leaf. The flowers breathe fragrance and unfold their beauty in blessing to the world. The sun sheds its light to gladden a thousand worlds. The ocean, itself the source of all our springs and fountains, receives the streams from every land, but takes to give. The mists ascending from its bosom fall in showers to water the earth, that it may bring forth and bud: Ellen White, “The Desire of ages.” 1899

Only man, with his so called intellect, prudence, and wisdom puts his ideals and desires and need to survive above all else in creation, including and especially each other, forgetting that death is only the passageway to life.

For whosoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whosoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.” Mark 8:35

Only man lives like this…carving up the earth…destroying it in the name of progress…killing for what neither belongs to him, nor , at times does he even need…yet he claims these things for himself, while at the same time claiming to be “under God” who is the Creator and Possessor of all. He adds to this a lofty cause or ideal that stirs up the hearts of other men to do his dirty work, while he himself has no heart of his own. In his selfishness, his desire, his doubt, and his fear, he has become an instrument of Satan in order to do the works of the devil. Sitting far from the battlefield, these are men who cannot create one blade of grass, or any other living thing for that matter, but in all they create, death and destruction follows in his path. Dead works in which there is no life…dead works in which life is destroyed in order to create them and feed his lusts wearing out the earth like an old cloth.

Then, what is the heart of man?

That all men (and women) are created equal is true, but that does not mean that all men are created identical. That equal means identical is a lie. Compliance with the laws and adventures of man and his rulers, when it knowingly goes against the laws of God is nothing short of taking the mark of the beast that pursues the injustices of a worldly kingdom.
When God created Eve, he created a partner for Adam equal to himself…Two diverse individuals, yet equally sharing God’s love in which they were created. It is God’s love that made them equal.

For some men to impose their identical ideals, thoughts, visions, dreams and ambitions on anyone…or any nation…by coercion, intimidation, force, or fear, or even through the enactment of laws of any kind is an attempt to lord these same things over men in an effort to compel others to become identical to them; to usurp Gods love as instruments of Satan, begetting instruments of Satan through the introduction of lies that create doubt and fear, which are the true causes of violence and corruption. The highest form of worship is to imitate the one who is worshipped...whether it be governments, powers, or principalities...apart from God and His ways, it is the worship of the devil.
Eve offering Adam the same fruit in which she ate, and Adam accepting it, knowing full well that it was not what God desired. It is an attempt to defy Christ’s words when He said… “In My Fathers house there are many mansions,” or the words of Paul… “There are diversities of ministries…but the same Lord”… “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit”… “And there are diversities of activities; but it is the same God who works all in all.” Or even that God made some to be honored and some to be dishonored…so who are we to say “why have you made me this way.” He made some to laugh and some to cry…some to be rich and some to be poor…some to lead and some to follow…some to sow and some to reap.

If these ideals, these causes, these visions are equal to those of God, then we are reflecting His image and doing what is according to His Word and according to His will. But these manufactured causes are often not in equality with God’s. They are only disguised as though they were. The very loftiness and ambition of their nature testifies where they are from. They test the true nature of men just as surely as Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.”

These causes are not for the purpose of teaching the voluntary act of love…but are for the oppression of other men through the deceit of a manufactured cause and for the sake of gain for a few. There is really nothing to rule and lord over in this world except for other men who are all created equal.It is usually propagated by lies, disguised as truth, to create a fear making wars that only shift power from the hands of a select to the hands of a different select; whoever creates a better cause worth fighting for. What is worse is that the men who pursue these lies believe them, preferring to believe they are more noble, worthy and good and that their intentions, visions, ambitions, ideals, and goals are what is best for the human race. If that were so, then what do they fear, and why do they try to deceive except in an effort to protect thei lofty place.
Only God is good. Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written: “That You may be justified in Your words, and may overcome when You are judged.” Romans 3:4

What then? Are we better than they? Not at all. For we have previously charged both Jewes and Greeks that they are all under sin.

As it is written:

"There are none righteous, no, not one; There is none who understands; There is none who seeks after God. They have all turned aside; They have together become unprofitable; There are none who does good, no, not one."

Their throat is an open tomb (grave); With their tongue they have practiced deceit; The poison of asps is under their lips; Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.

Their feet are swift to shed blood; Destruction and misery are in their ways; And the way of peace they have not known. Their is no fear of God before their eyes." Romans 3: 11-18.

Fear is a powerful and dangerous force. Men who create fear through lies are the same ones who use liberty as a cloak for covetousness. The soldier on the battle field gains nothing except to win or loose with his blood the cause he was sold. But when it’s over all will suffer except those who have gained the most power with the money or blood they used to buy it, or the cause they gathered men around. Over time even those causes fought for may, or will soon die or be killed. In the end all will have to give an account.

The founding fathers of this nation…America…The United States…are rolling over in their graves while the elitist few have their way. Their evilness disguised as good intentions have led this nation down its path to ruin.

If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest: -Thomas Jefferson

How you can win the population for war: At first, the statesman will invent cheap lying, that impute the guilt of the attacked nation, and each person will be happy over this deceit that calm the conscience. It will study it detailed and refuse to test arguments of the other opinion. So he will convince step for step even there from that the war is just and thank God, that he, after this process of grotesque even deceit, can sleep better: Mark Twain

“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” This is our pledge that we attempt to fulfill while the leaders of the so called free world enrich themselves on it by heaping its rewards to themselves through their conquests.

Though we are one nation, and claim in our pledge to be indivisible, our leaders have divided us in an effort to subjugate us to their agenda of power and greed. This is in essence, shoving our own pledge in our own faces so that some may benefit while lives and love are torn apart. It has been the way of some men throughout the history of man without ever learning a thing; because “We the People” insist on putting our decisions in the hands of anybody other than ourselves. By doing this, it gives us someone to blame, and as long as we are willing to pay someone to blame, we give them free reign to do as they please…as long as you or I don’t have to take responsibility and can hold others responsible in the end. But we all share in the blame. Everyone who keeps silent, allowing it to continue while their conscience says it is wrong shares in the blame. And then we will cover our mouths and say, “How did things get this way?”
Yet if we followed the golden rule to love one another as Christ loved us, with truth spoken, then all should be as concerned for his or her neighbors salvation as much as they are for their own. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

War is not the price for peace. “One” has already shed the blood for our peace with God, for which no other blood needs to be shed, nor is worthy to be, “once and for all.” And without peace with God, there will never be peace on this earth. “One” has already set men at liberty through the forgiveness of sin. Upon His cross he said, “It is finished.” But those who create the visions, the dreams, the causes, the ideals, by which they hope to rule over what God has already set free, are usurpers to the forgiveness which God has designed that all mankind should benefit from, selling a false doctrine of worldly peace that excludes the God of our fathers and makes for themselves the title of “god, lord, ruler,” by the destruction of their wars. This is Baal, and all that worship this falsehood worship a false god, a false prophet. These men tally up the cost for their peace in human lives lost and blood shed to consolidate or transfer the power that they crave with greed, flown in on the wings of a worldly vision and then sold to the masses who then buy it with their blood, or the blood of their neighbor.

One day, a final battle will be fought; one that will so sicken men by its brutality, that the smell will be fixed in his soul forever, an odor no mans lust can erase; or that any man’s cause or vision or ideal or difference can ever bring him to lift up his hand in anger or vengeance or hatred against his fellow human, his neighbor, his brother, ever again. This olfactory smell can only bring to recall an agony so sharp, an inherited piercing of the soul so deep, that it can never, ever again be ignored because of the words of men or the thoughts of self. It will be a remembrance that is so deep in the earth and in our thoughts that it will make a soul cringe at the very thought of ever taking another life rather than forgiving it, or of ever lifting a hand up in anger against its neighbor, friend, or brother from this race we call humanity. It will cry out from the very ground we stand on; the very ground that has soaked up the blood from countless lives in days gone by of endless wars, forgiven, but not forgotten; from the multitude of kindred souls crying up, “never again. It is finished. It is enough.”

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LORD.
Now we know that whatever the law says, it is written to those who are under the law, that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. Therefore, by the deeds of the law no flesh shall be justified in His sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin. Romans 3:19,20.
America has no mandate by God to judge or condemn the way of life of any other nation. What intentions its administrators have is nothing short of imposing a way of life that is foreign to that nation and to which God intends... and then lording over it with its laws.

A False Vision By a Fasle Prophet

Then I said, "Ah, LORD GOD! Behold, the prophets say to them, 'You shall not see the sword, nor shall you have famine, but I will give you assured peace in this place.'"

And the LORD said to me, "The prophets prophecy lies in My name. I have not sent them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination (oracle), a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart.

"Therefore thus says the LORD concerning the prophets who prophesy in My name, whom I did not send, and who say, 'Sword and famine shall not be in this land' ---'By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed." Jeremiah 14:14-17.
America, nor the administration of George W. Bush have a mandate by God to lead the world in democracy. Democracy is a false gospel that takes GOD out of government. Our present administration, its corporate backers, nor its military have any authority to judge or condemn the way of life of any other nation or its people. What intentions these administrators have is nothing short of attempting to impose their will and a way of life that is foreign to another nations people and possibly to that of which GOD intended for them. It attempts to lord over them with laws to which it does not even abide by itself for the purpose of robbing that nations resources and controlling what is not theirs to rightfully control.

GOD'S grace was given not to impose His love...but that it should be received willingly. That is the difference between the doctrine Christ taught...and the false doctrine of democracy which is spread through force, corruption, bribery and death. If it were so grand...all nations would desire it...including their leaders. But that we, Americans, see that this experiment called democracy, has done little else but lift a select few into power, forcing a multitude to suffer while the few pursue happiness at their expense.
The affect that this will have on the American people will bring to nothing these administrators' promise of peace and safety. While they pursue their lofty vision, they are creating enemies for America because of our silence.
The responsibility we share for Islamist shock and awe...Citizens in democracies will be held to account for what is done in their name,By Peter Wilby
How do you prosecute a war against the US and Britain? Muslims fight us on their own soil, but why should they not carry the fight to our homelands as we carry it to theirs? They do not possess the aircraft to fly over Washington and London and carry out "precision bombing".
Bush's dirty war - By Sidney Blumenthal
Bush's dirty war is having a counterproductive effect, just as dirty wars did in Vietnam, Algeria and Argentina. For every militant abused or killed, a community of like-minded militants is inspired. Hatred, resentment and vengeance are the natural outcomes. There has never been a victory through a dirty war over these forces.
Blood and Gravy
The war on Iraq is "largely a matter of loot" - By Chris Floyd
Although Halliburton has already entered the American lexicon as a byword for rampant cronyism, the true extent of its dense and deadly web of graft is only now emerging, most recently in a remarkable public hearing that revealed some of the corporation's standard business practices in Iraq: fraud, extortion, brutality, pilferage, theft -- even serving rotten food to U.S. soldiers in the battle zone.


Exerpt from:

"Dissent In America...if you don't love this country, then get the f... out!"

Shortly after the invasion began, a grieving Iraqi father asked, “Why didn’t the British and American people stop their leaders from doing this?” He had a right to be asking this question that goes beyond the obvious one. Those that live under repression in military or police dictatorships, or under totalitarian regimes, have scant chance to stop their leaders from doing anything. He is well aware of the glorified traditions of law in Great Britain and the United States, and the legendary freedoms enjoyed in these countries. Certainly he would have been in no position to stop his own leader from doing anything. But the people of Great Britain and the United States? Surely they could have done something, he thinks. If only for this father, at this time, in this country, dissent is the only real badge of honor one can wear...

...So look what we have here. On one side there is the federal government – Bush and all his “earned political capital” from the statistical tie, Senators Schumer and Clinton who didn’t oppose the war when it might have done some good, and still can’t seem to oppose it, Congressman Sweeney, touchingly sensitive to the plight of horses yet mute on the life and death of Iraqis (and to think, we’re this close to Congressman Hinchey) – this imbalance of power that justifies the unjustifiable, so that the war will seem worth it, the fight a good one, the lives lost not in vain.

On the other side, there are a few people standing on corners and in parks, doing what you would be doing if you believed that any life lost in service to an unprovoked act of aggression, a grab, an investment, is a life lost in vain. They’re protesting.

James Rothenberg. Copyright: James Rothenberg

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Beat me with the truth, don't torture me with lies: Author - Unknown

Favorite Peace Vigil Photos : Vigils to Support Cindy Sheehan

Homeland Security Agents Accused Of Assault, Torture: Allegations that as many as six federal Homeland Security deportation agents assaulted and tortured a Nigerian man who was shackled at Oklahoma City's Immigration and Customs Enforcement office are being investigated by the FBI, according to a published report.

Officer: 9 / 11 Panel Told Cells Identified: The Sept. 11 commission failed to pursue information that a secret military unit had identified two cells involved in the 2001 terrorist strikes more than a year before the attacks, an Army intelligence officer contends.

Planning for post-Saddam regime change began as early as October 2001: Newly declassified State Department documents show that planning for the transition in Iraq began in October 2001, according to a "Project History"

Update: The Taliban File : Mullah Omar Called Washington in 1998: U.S. Provided Aid to Soviet-Era Mujahadeen, Did Not Directly Fund Bin Laden, according to declassified documents posted today by the National Security Archive.

In case you missed it: Chris Floyd: Roberts Voted to Give Bush Dictatorial

Paul Krugman: What They Did Last Fall: In his recent book "Steal This Vote" - a very judicious work, despite its title - Andrew Gumbel, a U.S. correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent, provides the best overview I've seen of the 2000 Florida vote. And he documents the simple truth: "Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election."

"I can never forget that one of the most gifted, best educated nations in the world, of its own free will, surrendered its fate into the hands of a maniac." Eric Hoffer, Speaking on Germany - "The True Believer,"

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